Research shows that people who are the most successful in their careers are those who love the work they do. So how do you find work you will enjoy? 

1. Start with your interests.  Make a list of things you like to do
    (ie: hobbies, skills, etc.). 

2. List all the things you want to try, places you want to go, and
    goals you would like to accomplish in your lifetime.  The sky’s 
    the limit!  Do not exclude things because they seem impossible 
    or because you do not presently have the skills sets or means to
    achieve a goal. In short, dream BIG.

3. Your career is now lying before you in the form of these lists. 
    Your success can be measured by how many of these interests 
    you satisfy and goals you accomplish. Remember, these lists
    are a work in progress.  Over time, circumstances change and
    interests change. These evolving lists will act as your career 


                                                                  The Work Room Career Resource Centres offer an  excellent workshop
                                                                          called Personality Dimensions®.  It is a fun and very practical workshop
                                                                          that can help people understand more about their personality  preferences
                                                                          and how this can help them with their communication, relationships and
                                                                          making career choices.  Contact one of the Work Rooms for more info
                                                                          on workshop dates and times.

              Additional links to explore:

Now you are ready to research how to match your interests with occupations in the workforce, go to Step 2: Researching Your Career Options 
Start your Career Plan right NOW!

Download this presentation to help guide you through this first step of your career plan. (Requires PowerPoint, or PowerPoint Viewer).

The Work Room Career Resource Centres offer a free one hour module complete with a workbook and customized coaching to help you get your career plan started!  Visit The Work Room website for contact information.

Identifying Your Interests
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