Job Search Resources

1. Job Search Tips Workshop

Looking for a quick and easy way to deliver a Job Search Tips Workshop?

Try this link!  This workshop can be delivered using the website as the backdrop for your presentation.  All the examples, links and resources are embedded in the webpage so you have visual aides and workshop activities right at your fingertips.  The added bonus is that participants become familiar with using the website as a resource tool which supports their job search after the session is over.

There is enough information to tailor the duration of your presentation to fit the needs of your audience. (Note: More than enough information for a 2 hour session).

2. Common resource links requested by clients

Here's a quick page to direct clients to common questions they have regarding job search, funding for school and community resources they can access to assist them in their job search/career development.

If clients have a QR (Quick Response) Code Reader App on their smart phones, they can scan and save the links in their phone for later use.

3. Assistance with job search marketing tools

Does your client need a resume and/or a cover letter?  The Work Rooms can help!  Please contact any of the centres (including the PETL St.Stephen office in Ganong Place) for free resume and cover letter writing services.

Don't forget there is free access to the Internet at the Work Rooms where clients can explore job banks.  While there, they can fax resumes and access other resources (workshops, information) that can support their job search.

Resource library

Select a resource by clicking a scrolling icon.

Career Planning Tools


Career Cruising is an online career planning tool that helps you collect and review your career-related information in one place. It offers a search engine to explore a huge career database and can help you find careers that match you based on your interests. The information is current, comprehensive and applicable to the Canadian job market. What's more, the Work Rooms have site licenses that allow people to set up a free account so that they can access the information 24 hours a day from any computer! Access to this resource is also available for free through the public libraries.

This is an extremely popular service as it compliments today's busy lifestyles.

If you would like more information about Career Cruising, sign up for a free instructional workshop or obtain free access codes to use the program, please contact a Work Room Career Resource Centre.

2. PACE (Plan to Achieve Career Excellence)

PACE is a tool that was created "in house" through the partnership of the Anglophone South School District and PETL.  This resource tool has been designed specifically for the residents in this region who are trying to determine the next steps in their career development.

This resource is presently being used with grade 11 students in the Anglophone South School District, with the public through the Work Rooms and various community groups and agencies are using it with their clients and staff.

It is a framework that supports career counselling models and is designed to be easily adapted to fit the needs of the career practitioner who is using it.  There is enough information to deliver to a client "as is" but it is recommended that the counsellor who is using the modules customize it to fit their style and needs of the client.

There are five basic steps to the PACE framework:

Step1: Identify Interests. This is a great starting point to discover
                             one's interests, skills and goals. There are resources, exercises and
                             suggestions on how a person can start identifying what they like to do
                             and how it may relate to a career choice.

Step 2: Research. Once a person has identified their interests, the
                             next step task is to match those interests with opportunities in the
                             workforce. Tools such as Career Cruising help with this, as could this
                             this website, talking to employers and any other resources a counsellor
                             may have.

consult with    Step 3: The Action Plan. This stage is the plan put in place by the
                             client and counsellor. To facilitate a discussion and ease a client into
                             the action plan, 6 post-secondary destinations are presented to help get
                             the ball rolling.

Step 4: Workplace Essential Skills.  What makes for a successful
                             employee? What skills help a person to get promoted to better jobs?
                             There are 9 essential skills that employers are looking for. Educating
                             clients about these skills will assist in identifying marketable strengths
                             that can be promoted in their job search (especially interviews) and
                             aide in job retention.

Step 5: The Job Search. The information in this module supports the
                             Job Search Tips workshop at PETL, workshops through the Work Rooms
                             and the resources available through this website.

Please note that the website provides similar information with each step having a dedicated page of information and resources that clients can use on their own. There may be value in referring a client to the site even if this framework is not formally used as part of your career plan development with a client.

3. Labour market resources

                                                            This is a great website to look up NOC codes, view
                                                            regional/national labour market trends specific to
                                                            different industries and jobs, links to job banks and
                                                            explore careers based on education programs and
                                                            skill sets. you can click the link to the right or use
                                                            the widget to the left.

Another helpful resource:


                                                            The Work Room Career Resource Centre network
                                                            has developed an educational resource to help
                                                            students and the general public learn more about
                                                            the industry sectors that support the New Brunswick

                                                            This is a great place to start if you are researching
                                                            career options!

Industry Content Specialists

The Work Room Coordinators and Administrative Assistants continuously research and collect labour market information on the industries within New Brunswick. If you are looking for more information about a particular industry, your research should start with one of the following Work Room staff.

1. Casey Barnard-Cleghorn

Located in Ganong Place, she specializes in the following industry sectors;

2. Rob Porter

Located in the Fundy High School & St.Stephen High School Work Rooms, he
specializes in the following industry sectors;

3. Katelyn Parks

Located in the Simonds High School Work Room, they specialize in the following
industry sectors;

4. Sasha McKenzie

Located in the Simonds High School Work Room, she specializes in the following
industry sectors;

5. Michelle Francis-Doyle

Located in the Kennebecasis Valley High School Work Room, she specializes
in the following industry sectors;

6. Laura Oleksiuk

Located in the Kennebecasis Valley High School Work Room, she specializes
in the following industry sectors;

7. Janet Walsh

Located at 1 Agar Place in Saint John, she specializes in the following industry sectors;

Additional Resources

1. Goodwill Community Foundation
Here is a great website developed by the Goodwill Community Foundation International
that provides over 750 FREE lessons on many valuable topics such as basic computer
use, software and internet applications, basic literacy and life skills.

Click the icon to link to the website.

2. Canadian Journal of Career Development
The Canadian Journal of Career Development is a peer-reviewed publication of multi-
sectoral career-related academic research and best practices from Canada and
around the world. You can also download a book which is a culmination of the many
and varied career development topics which have appeared in the Canadian Journal
of Career Development/Revue canadienne de développement de carrière over the past
ten years.

Click the icon to link to the website

3. Canadian Career Development Foundation
Discover more about the Career Counselling/Career Development Practitioner
professions.  There is information on certification, new trends in the field and research. 

One of the Council members is NBCDAG (New Brunswick Career Development Action
Group) which is a non-profit partnership organization committed to career development
in New Brunswick.

Click on the icon to visit CCDF or this website link below to find out more on NBCDAG;

Do you have a resource, information, website link or career planning tool you would
like to share? Send it in so it can be posted for everyone's benefit.

Career Resource Tools
Presentations, links, tools and workshops
Funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of New Brunswick through the Canada-New Brunswick Labour Market Agreements.

This section of the website is a resource centre for employment counsellors with the Department of Post Secondary Education, Training and Labour, case managers with the Department of Social Development, guidance counsellors with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and coordinators of the Work Room Career Resource Centres.

This is intended to be a shared resource so if you have information you are willing to contribute to the shared knowledge base, please contact Steve Carle and your information can be posted. Thanks and enjoy using this website!
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