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There are five basic steps to plan and begin building an effective career. This is a great strategy for students with no  (or very limited) work experience, people who are employed but are dissatisfied with their job, or anyone who is currently unemployed and is seeking to return to the workforce. 

If you have visited the PACE website (www.setyourownpace.org), you will notice that there are webpages dedicated to each of the five career building steps. There are many tips and resources to help you understand and work through each step and collect information that will benefit your career plan. 

This page introduces a series of exercises and more in depth information for those who feel they would like to work more extensively on their career plan. 

The work books for each module are free to download from this site in .pdf format. You can use them on your own, but it is recommended that you consult a career practitioner such as a high school guidance counsellor, employment counsellor from the Department of Post Secondary Education, Training and Labour or one of the Work Room coordinators to help answer any questions you may have and provide additional support.

Enjoy the process of self discovery and the begining of a journey that will reap huge rewards for you both personally and professionally.Good luck!

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            Step1: Identify Interests. This is a great starting point to discover your
                                          interests, skills and goals. Think of this as a clean slate where you can
                                          start over and rediscover yourself  and plan for your future. Take your 
                                          time working through this step.  If done properly, it should require
                                          considerable thought and reflection to identify your interests and decide
                                          on what you want out of your life and career. Collaborate with your 
                                          friends and family as they can provide valuable insight in this phase of 
                                          the process.  Make sure you visit this page for additional resources.

                 Step 2: Research. Once you have identified your interests, you will want
                                           to match those interests to opportunities in the workforce. The are great 
                                           tools available (ie: Career Cruising) to help you with this process, but this
                                           is the time to consult with a career practitioner if you are having trouble
                                           linking your interests to occupations or industries that can fit your 
                                           interests. This step will require you to use your research and investigative 
                                           skills but remember there are many resources and supports in the 
                                           community to help you. Hint: visit the Work Room

            Step 3: The Action Plan. Now is the time for action! You have done your 
                                           research, you know what you want, and now you have to go and get it.
                                           PACE is giving you a huge kick start by rolling all the career possibilities 
                                           into 6 easy to-to-use options. You pick the one that  works for you and 
                                           you're ready to go! As an added bonus, there are some battle-tested
                                           strategies included in this module that will give you a huge competitive
                                           advantage in the workplace. You still have to do the work, but know you 
                                           will have the right tools for the job.

           Step 4: Essential Skills.  This module veers slightly off the sequential 
                                           career planning steps to investigate what really helps people succeed in
                                           their personal and professional lives. You may have done all your 
                                           preparation,  obtained the right industry credentials and have an awesome
                                           resume (more about that in the next step), but many people hit career
                                           roadblocks because they don't understand the basic things that ALL 
                                           employers look for in an employee. Nine essential workplace skills can land 
                                           you the job you want, get you the promotion you seek and make you a 
                                           powerful social magnet. Intrigued? Jump in and explore this module.

            Step 5: The Job Search. Every great product needs a great ad campaign.
                                           Would you buy a new cell phone if the company told you that it was pretty 
                                           much like all the others on the market?  Employers that are looking to hire
                                           people are looking for the best in the marketplace and a great ad can help
                                           them take notice of you.  Here are some tips, strategies and resources to 
                                           help you to market yourself as a "must have" for employers. 


      Once you have completed all of the above modules, click the icon on the
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